RAD Boot Camp Classes

What are your class fees?

Class Fees are as follows:
6-month Unlimited $870
3-month Unlimited $485
1-month Unlimited $195
10-Class Punch Card $250
Drop-in $30

6-month Unlimited You + Spouse $1305
3-month Unlimited You + Spouse $725
1-month Unlimited You + Spouse $295

What is ‘The Gauntlet’?

The Gauntlet is the introduction to kettlebell technique and training. You will learn approximately 15 kettlebell drills during this class. When the class is finished you will have a strong idea of the benefits of kettlebell training. Proper technique is the focus of this class.

Why is The Gauntlet mandatory?

Kettlebell training is very technical. You will be doing yourself a favor enrolling in a technique session prior to joining the other classes.

Do I need to register to attend The Gauntlet?

Yes, please email us at info@keperformance.com with your preferred class time to ensure a spot.

Why do I need to show up 15 minutes prior to the Gauntlet if it is my first time?

We require that you complete a 2-page waiver/health history prior to engaging in the class. You will not be allowed to participate until a waiver is completed.

Do you provide kettlebells for the classes?

Yes, we provide kettlebells for all of our classes.

Can people use kettlebells of all sizes during the intro class, or do you start everyone off with the same weight?

We will work closely with each person to determine the best weight to begin learning each kettlebell drill.

What is the difference between ‘Inferno’ and ‘Survivor’?

Inferno = 12 stations done in circuit fashion for time
Survivor = Partner training…you go, I go.
*Variety is the key to both

Do many females attend your classes?

Yes, we have approximately 50/50 split female/male attendance.

What is your typical class size?

Class attendance varies from 10-25 contestants. The average class size is 12-15.

I am a first time kettlebell user. What is the frequency I should attend your classes?

Starting out as a rookie, attend 2 classes per week. Over the next 2 weeks, you may increase your attendance to 3-5 times. The classes are different every time you attend.

Note : If you have any other queries, please email us through the ‘Contact Us‘ section. We will be glad to assist you.