What Makes Z-Edge / Z-Health different from other joint mobility programs?

Dynamic joint mobility (DJM) training can be broken down into two distinct categories:

  1. 1 DJM for improved joint function.
  2. DJM for nervous system re-education.

Almost all mobility programs currently focus on #1 โ€“ mobility for improved joint function. This type of training โ€“ as compared to Z-Health โ€“ uses larger, less specific ranges of motion for the joints and typically emphasizes speed and a high number of repetitions. If you want to increase circulation and lubrication around a given joint, this works and works well.
The Z approach is stated in #2. Z focuses on a set of training principles with the goal of re-educating the nervous system to maximize efficient movement patterns. Z-Health is very precise, uses a low number of reps throughout the day, and emphasizes the perfection of movement skills. As a result, Z will help improve joint lubrication and function, and also eliminate poor movement patterns that may have developed over time.

Z is really about learning to speak the language of movement with total fluency. Master the principles of Z and see dramatic changes in everything.

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