Tell me more about Z Health.

Z is first and foremost a system designed to impact the central nervous system (CNS) because that’s where the maximum pay-off is – the CNS controls strength, range of motion, flexibility, pain levels, performance, everything that one might want to change. From the Z perspective the main obstacle to altering the CNS is its massive overabundance of unconscious and often reflexive protective mechanisms – such as pain, weakness, decreased ROM, stiffness, spasm, etc. (which we might summarize as the startle response.)

Z is a way to convince the CNS to decrease its protective mechanisms in relation to movement. The main way to do this in Z is with mindful, coordinated, novel and non painful movements in strategic areas that are lacking coordination or mobility. The right movement will cause the CNS to immediately lower its protective mechanisms in relation to the movement and related movements. One of the reasons a movement is “right” is because it “reminds” the CNS that it can do something it “forgot” it could do safely. (eg an ankle tilt cures ankle foot SMA). The CNS considers the new movement possibility to be “good news” and immediately lowers the protective mechanisms in regard to the drill performed and all other related movements (which might be a very large range of movements). The wrong movement will threaten the CNS, causing it to raise the level of protective mechanisms such as pain, weakness, lack of ROM, etc.

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