Will you explain Z in a metaphor?

Think about your computer. Windows or some other program is the operating system that allows all the other programs on your computer to run. Z-Health is my operating system. All of the crazy programs that I like to do (kettlebells, tire flipping, sledge hammers, etc.) all are “ran” by the same underlying system. If your nervous system and joints will allow it to happen, then we will do it and have a great time. If something is telling the “operating system” that today is not a good day to run those programs then we have to do something different. If your computer (body) has a virus, we have to take a step back and “rewire” it or do some basic joint mobility work.

I tell my clients occasionally – that they have a software problem not a hardware problem. If your computer isn’t working well, most of the time you don’t try to fix the hardware by getting out the screwdriver or whatever, you look to fix the software by rebooting, getting rid of the virus, whatever. The body is the same – people are usually looking for hardware solutions to a software problem.

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